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The Jack Kirby Care Package makeup edition 2

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Thank you for you interest in my grandfather, Jack Kirby!

These special packages will include prints of never-before-seen or rare artwork including the most popular Kirby creations. Each care package changes monthly and will also have something for you to use as a keepsake, including items owned by Jack and correspondence between Jack and his collaborators.  My hope is that over time, you’ll acquire enough items to have a small History of Comics area, space, or scrapbook in your home.  

This is your chance to own the most popular prints from our Jack Kirby Art & Print packages.  Some of these prints are very old and limited.  When they are gone, they are gone!

These 5 beautiful 11x17 full color and Black and White prints, feature amazing Jack Kirby artwork as well as additional goodies chosen for you.  This package will also feature an actual pulp book owned by Jack Kirby that was part of his personal collection.  Read the books that inspired Jack. These books are 50-65 years old and very rare. 

*Please note, due to limited supplies only two per customer can be purchased. Only 100 available.  These will not last long!



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